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Okay ,
I am going to the Harry Potter midnight show, I already bought tickets,
and me being a secret nerd for Harry Potter, I was even convinced I should wear a costume
(probably Ravenclaw robes, since I below to Ravenclaw)
so I began to think of how I really should have worn robes to the first part of Deathly Hallows as well,
but THEN I thought about how the new Twilight movie has two parts as well.
Now I know people say they split the Twilight movie into two because the directors of Harry Potter did so,
which it wouldn't surprise me, both franchises are huge,
except I actually respect one.  
Now I know it seems rude to go and attack an author and directors and such,
without giving the movies and books a chance, you know, read them and watch the movies,
I have, well, no, I watched  the first two movies but just couldn't do it anymore after that.
I have read the books, now listen, I was in fifth of sixth grade, I had little to no discretion in what I read,
my taste was off, and I wasn't sure what kind of literature was the good kind, but I remember I knew Harry Potter
had amazing descriptive and figurative language. So, now that I have made it clear that I KNOW WHAT I AM WRITING ABOUT,
I will dissect both of  the books and sort of make it clear as to what these are about in my mind.

Let's start with Twilight,
published in 2005 by a young female author named Stephanie Meyer,
who hatched this idea from a segment of a dream she had in which
a vampire explained to his lover that they could not be, since one was a vampire.

The main character is a young teenage girl name Isabella Swan, but people call her Bella,
at hindsight, Bella is often describing the weather, and how much this town drives her mad, and she TOTALLY hates it,
just whining teenage angst. Which is understandable I guess, not everyone is able to adapt well in new surroundings.
Bella also tells us about her parents and how they split, and her mother remarried a baseball player, and she is moving from Arizona as well,
she seems to bitch about how much more amazing Arizona is than the town of Forks, Washington.
She bitches about how her dad is awkward, and not great to talk to like her mother, even though her mother shipped her off to Forks in the first place,
and her seemingly nice father Charlie is trying his hardest AND HAS GIVEN HER A CAR, but that seems to make her hate him more?
Bella seems to use the reasoning because it makes her feel bad, and the car is crap, well let me point out I know plenty of fellow high school students
that would KILL for a crap car. Speaking of high school, Bella, no surprise, hates her new high school.
She makes little to no effort to make new friends, and with each person she meets who just falls in love with her charming personality,
which consists of whining, making the same emotionless remarks over and over again, she makes some rude remark in her head about them.
A boy who is just wild about her melancholic self, Mike, she labels as a dog, hinting that she finds his affection for her pathetic and similar to a brainless dog.   
Another friend of her's, Jessica, introduces her to a mysterious pale, copper haired, nose flaring boy named Edward who seems to be asexual.
After less than god knows, two minutes, she can't get him out of her head.  She also meets an old friend Jacob, who she also labels as pathetic in a way,
so the whole rest of the series is about her life with this vampire (who does not suck human blood, and does not melt in the sun, and never sleeps, and can read minds)
and how she blows off her family, her lame dad, lies to her mother, and basically lets her half human/vampire daughter not even a teen, have a relationship with that boy Jacob,
who did everything to try to woo Bella, who just goes for the equally monotone people in the world, sorry Jake, Bella values pure Adonis beauty over genuineness.
I went to
a preternatural being, commonly believed to be a reanimated corpse, that is said to suck the blood of sleeping persons at night. (human blood, and does not mention sparkling)

Now on to Harry Potter,
Written in 1997, by a female author named J.k. Rowling for her son to inspire him.

Harry Potter is a young teenage orphaned boy who lives with his not so sentimental aunt and uncle, whom he tries to please constantly,
but they reject him due to his parents, who were famous/valued wizards. Though Harry lives in a broom closet most of his life, he stays positive in some aspects,
he has no car, no loving father, or mother to ship him anywhere, just a resentful aunt and uncle and horridly ignorant cousin who all hate him.
His parents were killed by one of the most powerful wizards in all of the wizarding world, Voldemort, who also tries to kill Harry, leaves assuming he is dead,
but soon learns Harry has survived, only leaving this fight with a small lightning shaped scar on his forehead.
Soon, a magical school, Hogwarts, reaches out to him and recruits him into the wizard community.
Harry is ecstatic to be leaving the closet, and his awful family to go to a school full of new people, and a big room, delicious food and magic.
Harry meets new friends, with his friendly sort of innocent personality, and the fact he had no idea how famous he was in the wizard community until he came to Hogwarts,
and even then Harry doesn't let it get to his head. His two closest friends he gains are a young redheaded clumsy boy named Ron, and a brilliant lion-mane curled hair girl, Hermione.

The books are about Harry's life growing up in this environment of magic, making new friends and getting revenge for all of the lives taken by Voldemort.
Which include his Uncle, Dumbledore, who seemed to be almost like a grandfather to Harry, and many of his classmates and their family members and friends.
Every character in these books have amazingly define characteristics, looks AND personality, there are people who do not quite love Harry, and some that do, because that is realistic. In the end he marries Ron's younger sister Jinny and has an amazing life with her, as does Ron marry Hermione, and also has a great life.

What I am trying to say is, even if Twilight threw in wizards, dinosaurs, split it into THREE parts, it would never ever compare to Harry Potter.
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